Dior launches a new iteration of its J'Adore perfume

House of Dior presented its first alcohol-free and water-based perfume, J'Adore Parfum D'Eau, which is from the line of their most famous perfume J'Adore.

The campaign features J'Adore ambassador Charlize Theron, who will officially be seen in the latest set of ads from September. This latest announcement from the Parisian brand is a game-changer, as the brand has produced its genius formula through a patented nano-emulsion process that involves the integration of a high concentration of flower oils and water under high pressure.

Before the formulation of this perfume, it was not possible to produce an effective fragrance without alcohol. Dior, a well-known name in the fashion and beauty industry, is known for its innovation and continues to offer luxury products.

In the first photo of the ad campaign announcing the new perfume, actress Charlize Theron poses nude with a gold necklace around her neck, while hugging a bottle of J'Adore perfume that covers her body.

J'Adore Parfum D'Eau, the latest offering from the brand, is a long-lasting perfume that is created from a brilliant blend of flowers including orange blossom, sambac jasmine, Damascus rose and magnolia. All ingredients are organically sourced through Dior's “Beauty As a Legacy” sustainability program. The refreshing scent makes you feel like you are floating through a field of orange blossoms.

 J'Adore Parfum D'Eau retails for $118 and is available on Dior's website.

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