Dior launches amazing novelties

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More photos

With over thirty shades…

Dior has just introduced a new range of lip products, including 15 shades of Stellar Halo Shine lipstick and 18 shades of Stellar Gloss. Both products come in Dior Beauty silver tubes, with a lid emblazoned with the famous logo.

The Stellar Halo Shine contains an Aloe Vera formula as well as a glossy, hydrating finish. The shades range from bright red “Be Dior Star” to peach tones in “Superstar” variant and dark purple “Wild Star”. Stellar Gloss is formulated with cranberry protective oil and jojoba nourishing oil. A perfectly sized applicator ensures that you apply the right amount of product each time, whichever shade you choose.

These two new products are designed to be used in tandem. For a vibrant 3D effect, Christian Dior Makeup Director, Peter Philips, suggests applying a layer of gloss after applying lipstick.

Finally, we must note that the collection is available for purchase from March 1st.

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