Drake has just launched his first perfume

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In addition to being a successful singer, Drake excels in the business world.

The Canadian rapper has launched the fashion brand OVO, while simultaneously founding the production company DreamCrew and the Better World brand, which bring him millions in revenue.

It's worth noting that in 2018, Drake reportedly accounted for 5% (440 million Canadian dollars) of Toronto's annual tourism revenue of 8.8 billion dollars. As you might expect, everything he touches turns to gold.

Recently, Drake's Better World Fragrance House (BWFH) launched its first fragrance oil called "Carby Musk." The brand first offered fragrance oil in candle form in 2021, and now a new option has been launched, which can travel with you worldwide in a 10ml bottle designed with a roller for easy application on the neck and wrists.

"Carby Musk" consists of 12 different ingredients, but the brand claims there is a thirteenth that makes it perfect: the natural scent of the person wearing it. The oil is designed to enhance, not neutralize, the aroma of any environment its users find themselves in.

Earlier this year, BWFH announced its partnership with Parlux Ltd, a global cosmetics company. It joined its large portfolio of luxury fragrances, beauty, and home products, which often come in collaboration with stars such as Billie Eilish, Andy Roddick, and Paris Hilton. BWFH's fragrance offerings arrived at Harrods last summer and have been available in over 350 stores in the US since December 2023.

As for the price, you can get Drake's new perfume "Carby Musk Oil" for $195.

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