Hermes launches its first beauty collection

In its 180-year history, the luxury Hermes brand has never made the leap into the world of beauty…

Still, in its first and long-awaited move of its kind, the celebrity brand recently announced that it plans to launch a lipstick line, inspired by the beloved Birkin bag. Called Rouge Hermes, this ensemble consists of twenty-four shades with two different finishes - matte and satin. The matte version is inspired by the texture of the Brikin bag, imitating the leather it is made of, while the satin formula is stimulated by the brand's classic silk scarves.

Each lipstick is enriched with a refreshing scent created by the perfumer of the brand, Christine Nagel, and they come packaged in metallic hardware without a shred of plastic. To further help with sustainability, the beauty product will be offered with a refill system that allows you to simply top up your lipstick when your favorite colors run out, instead of buying a new product. The lipstick supplement will cost about $ 42, while the lipstick alone with the package will cost $ 67.

The beauty line further includes accessories such as a lip brush, leather holster and mirrors that play the role of a necklace as well. The new Hermes lipstick collection will be on sale from March this year, while in the near future we will be able to see their powders as well as eye and face products.

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