Hermes launches their first nail polishes - and they're amazing!

After presenting a beautiful collection of lipsticks inspired by Birkin bags, as well as three new shades a little earlier, Hermes is now making a step into the world of nail polish…

The famous brand has recently launched an exciting ensemble within its beauty line. Coming with 24 colours, the collection consists of bold bio-pigments that need only one layer to look magnificent. The shades are accompanied by a base and top coat, in addition to nail care tools, such as brushes and files.

Some of the most striking shades in the line are “Orange Boîte” - the iconic Hermes orange, red “Rouge Casaque” and dark pink “Rose Magenta”. The entire range was created by a team of colourists who normally produce leather and silk items, while Pierre Hardy helped design the packaging, along with long time Hermes art director, Pierre-Alexis Dumas.

Commenting on the collection, Agnes de Villiers, CEO of Hermes Beauty & Fragrances, says: “For Hermes, hands are something like faces, because each of our pieces is handmade. At the beginning, we wondered if we should make Hermes nail files, if it is in line with our philosophy, but we concluded that it is also a necessary part of the beauty routine”.

The collection with 24 shades will be available for purchase from October 15.

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