How to achieve a luxury look on a budget

With so many high street brands, online clothing sites and vintage shops readily available these days, it’s easy to look chic on a budget.

To achieve the celebrity look for less, check out our list of things you can do to stay stylish, while saving.

Find a hairstyle that works for you and rock it

Whether you’re into a sleek bun, tight curls or a bouncy blow dry, find your style and wear it with confidence. For the ultimate luxurious look, tie your hair back in a high pony tail – it’s the best way to show off those amazing facial features.  

Wear a smile at all times

Your smile is the best accessory that you can wear. While many individuals opt for dental veneers these days to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted, the cost of veneers can be very expensive. With cheaper alternatives –clip on veneers cost much less – now so readily available, you can get the look you want, for less!

Stay on top of your manicures and pedicures (from home)

There is no need to splurge on pricey manicures and pedicures at the salon if you follow these top tips to perfecting your nails. Before starting your pamper session, choose a shape, buff the edge of your nails and prep them by gently pushing back the cuticles.

Once they’re ready for polish, choose your favourite colour (nothing exudes elegance like a bold red) and apply two coats. To ensure they stay in tip-top condition and continue to grow well, invest in some cuticle oil and use it regularly.

Explore vintage shops

It can often take some serious searching amongst the rails and rails of items at vintage stores to find what you’re looking for, but when you do, it’s so worth it.

While you’re not going to find the latest fashion items during your search, what you will find is quality, quirkiness and uniqueness – which is ideal when your aim is to achieve a celebrity look on a budget. And not to mention, it’s a more sustainable way to shop.

Pick out some staple pieces

If you’re ever in a dilemma about what to wear, you can’t ever go wrong with monochrome, or head to toe black. Black matches everything, hides stains easily and provides an instant dressy look.


It’s all in the details. Which is why it’s time to purchase some standout items. From dainty rings and a big handbag, to big bangles and pretty necklaces, give your outfit an edge with statement pieces.

By following our tips above, achieving that high-end, celebrity look on a budget should be a breeze.

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