Is the world ready for the first AI powered perfume?

As things developed during this year's CES event, first with Yves Saint Laurent AI lipstick, now the world's first smart perfume, it's only natural to expect brushes designed to make hairstyles or a robot make-up artist, which can improve your look at any time...

Until all this happens, let's focus on some of the most necessary things, which can definitely interest some perfume lovers. One of them is definitely Ninu, a rechargeable cologne device, in which up to three different scents can be stored. With the accompanying application, the innovative device can provide the application of fragrances depending on the user's mood and through three modes - Move, Fresh and Sexy. In addition, everyone who hides a great lover of quality fragrance and a possible creator of perfume, pre-prepared dispensers in three cartridges enable professional mixing and creation of favorite notes.

With the help of a virtual AI professional, named Pierre, who lives in the accompanying application, but also depending on the daily mood, users are able to adjust their mixture according to their preferences with the help of this device. In this way, it is possible to create completely floral or far more masculine notes for night outs on demand, while the application itself will adjust the level of the mixture and allow you to smell as you wish. By all accounts, Ninu’s system is smart enough to provide over a million variations in fragrant notes, which is almost unbelievable when you consider its small exterior surface, which hides internal perfume cartridges created from recycled glass.

Ninu promises ingredients from completely self-sustaining and natural sources, free of all additional chemical substances, phthalates, sulfates and parabens, while only natural ink is used for their packaging. The first man behind Ninu's smart perfume device, Marko Matijevic, stated: "The finest French perfumes still reduce the whole experience to choosing types and notes. The fusion of three different notes in all possible combinations is not an available option and is very difficult to achieve. Our product brings just that and soon its project, after fine tuning, will be completely finished. Users will be able to play with scents via smart devices using the app. Within the accompanying application, there will be certain suggestions created by professional perfume manufacturers, but they will in no way limit the imagination of our users. ”

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