Jo Malone launches Lavender-inspired fragrance collection

If you didn't know, Jo Malone is one of the most promising brands when it comes to the perfume world…

Following the launch of some of the best scents we have encountered to date, the London-based brand has recently unveiled a mini collection of perfumes inspired and filled with lavender notes. Aptly named Lavenderland, the exotic collection contains three variants - Lavender & Coriander cologne, Silver Birch & Lavender Cologne and Wisteria & Lavender Cologne.

The first fragrance from this line contains an aromatic and green version of lavender, which is accentuated by sage plant accords with woody accents. The second perfume has a rich wood blend of birch and oak with lavender at its heart, while the Wisteria version is a combination of lavender, wisteria and sunflower, with hints of vanilla.

Commenting on the unique collection, Celine Roux, director of the Jo Malone brand, said: “In the perfume world, we mostly use French lavender. It's such a familiar, popular scent, so we wanted to use it in ways you might not be used to. We took natural English lavender and headed in three different directions with other ingredients to create the perfect Jo Malone London twist. "

The Jo Malone London Lavenderland Collection can be purchased now, with one Eaux de Cologne 30 ml perfume costing $ 72.

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