Louis Vuitton launches Meteora - a new fragrance for men

If you thought Louis Vuitton focused solely on creating intoxicating women’s perfumes, know you were wrong…

After the enchanting Coeur Battant, a new, floral perfume for women, they return to the scene with a new luxury fragrance for men, Meteora. This fragrance is inspired by the exploratory emotions of all men who love to travel.

It is not too strong, so it will not occupy all your senses, but it is light and at the same time powerful, fresh, with a long-lasting impression. This fragrance was created in Grasse, by Jacques Cavalle Beletrud, who also signed the famous Coeur Battant.

Perfume notes include bergamot, mandarin, orange, neroli, cardamom, nutmeg and vetiver. You can conclude for yourself that its mixture is really complex, but thanks to it, it combines all the previously mentioned strong contrasts.

Louis Vuitton luxury new Meteore fragrance for men costs $ 266 for 100 ml, $ 414 for 200 ml, and $ 266 for 7.5 ml travel spray. It can be purchased in the brand's boutiques and through their official website.

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