Mercedes-Benz presents a new fragrant trilogy

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Take a gander at the sumptuous interiors of the Mercedes-Benz Fragrance Trilogy exploring the elements of Earth, Sea, and Air…

For over a century, the three-pointed star emblem of Mercedes-Benz has symbolized the connection between mobility across land, sea, and air. Embracing this concept, Mercedes-Benz has collaborated with INCC Parfums to create a new fragrance trilogy. Designed by renowned French perfumer Anne Flipo, the Land, Sea, and Air eau de parfums can be worn individually or combined harmoniously to create desired blends. Not only does the Mercedes-Benz Fragrance Trilogy embody the essence of the three elements, but it also highlights sustainable practices and responsible material choices.

The perfume bottles themselves pay homage to the Mercedes-Benz brand in design and material selection. Viewed from above, the three elegant bottles flawlessly form the shape of the legendary Mercedes star. This design element reflects the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Moreover, the use of recycled aluminium and glass in the production of the perfume bottles demonstrates a responsible approach to resources.

Mercedes-Benz values transparency and sustainability not only in fragrance composition but also in packaging. The perfume box is made from recycled and biodegradable paper, containing up to 10 percent seaweed. Furthermore, the production process uses 100 percent renewable energy, minimizing the ecological footprint. These conscientious choices showcase Mercedes-Benz's commitment to creating a fragrance trilogy that aligns with the company's values and environmental consciousness.

Mercedes-Benz understands the importance of luxury and sustainability going hand in hand. The perfume bottles feature a removable screw pump, enabling easy refilling. This design promotes reducing single-use packaging and advocates for a more environmentally friendly approach. Additionally, the fragrances are available in a 30ml set, which comes with a high-quality bag made from recycled waste leather from the production of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class interior. This commitment to the circular economy adds an extra layer of exclusivity and demonstrates the brand's dedication to waste minimization.

The Mercedes-Benz Land fragrance evokes a warm and woody atmosphere. Carefully crafted, it combines the richness of patchouli with sensually spiced cocoa husk and tonka bean. Rosemary provides a refreshing touch, while geranium and aromatic fir resin offer depth and complexity. This fragrance is perfect for those who appreciate a harmonious blend of earthy and aromatic notes.

Capturing the power of waves crashing against rocks, Mercedes-Benz Sea encapsulates the essence of the sea. The fragrance features an intense hint of violet leaf, enhanced by the liveliness of mandarin. Subtle leather notes and sea algae further enhance the character of the fragrance. Immerse yourself in the refreshing allure of the sea with this captivating scent.

Mercedes-Benz Air offers a serene olfactory experience with its herbal artemisia fragrance oil, known for its calming properties. Accompanied by the aromatic base notes of angelica and delicate floral notes of petitgrain, this fragrance creates a soothing aura. Sharp citrus aroma and the spiciness of turmeric leaves add a touch of liveliness. Inhale the calming essence of the air with this enchanting fragrance.

One of the awe-inspiring aspects of the Mercedes-Benz Fragrance Trilogy is the option for fragrance layering, resulting in four unique combinations. Whether you desire a woody marine scent by combining Land and Sea or a blend of woody citrus by mixing Land and Air, the possibilities are endless. The fragrances can be customized for different occasions, individual preferences, and moods, enabling a truly personalized olfactory experience.

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