New Dior Addict Lacquer Stick line

Za efekat ogledala na usnama Dior addict lacquer stick

Never had so much attention been paid to the colors for lips and nails.

In line with these trends Dior also follows, which has promoted the new Dior Addict lacquer stick collection of lip glosses, a formula that gives your lips lacquered finish effect.

This extremely great formula combines ultra-bright caring oils that give your lips glassy reflection. The company guarantees smoothness, ease of application, durability and a sense of softness after being applied to the lips. It has a lightweight texture so the lips do not have feeling of weight.

They offer up to 17 shades of these lipsticks: 924 Sauvage, 984 Dark Flower, sulfurous 867, 740 Club, 857 Hollywood Red, 757 American Girl, Turn Me Dior, 744 Party Red Rose Indie 677, 684 Diablo 794 Gamer, 674 K -Kiss, 564 Melrose, 554 West Coast, 457 Palm Beach, 487 Bubble, 447 Sun Valley i550 Tease.

Of course, with four shades of lipsticks on offer, there are the same color nail polishes, which will enchant you: Tease 550, 684 Diablo, 877 Turn Me Dior and 924 Sauvage.

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