Pepe Jeans Delights with Its Perfume 'So Bold for Him'

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More photos

Ready to transition from winter to spring, Pepe Jeans introduces us to its latest advertising campaign for two new fragrances, 'Bright for Her' and 'So Bold for Him'…

Rendered in black and white, the visuals are an impressive play of light and shadow, highlighting the elegant design of the perfume bottles. The vision of the campaign is as fresh as the scents it promotes, and the black-and-white aesthetic lends timeless elegance. This simplicity in presentation is an homage to the clear, bright notes of the fragrances themselves, promising to be key additions to any spring ensemble.

'So Bold for Him', with its woody aromatic profile, is a confident stride through urban landscapes, and its bottle reflects the character of the scent with a bold transition from dark blue to a metallic top.

Notes of bergamot, mandarin, and an innovative 'shirt accord' give way to the herbal freshness of violet leaf, lavender, and clary sage, with a base of robust white leather, tonka, Haitian vetiver, and tobacco.

Pepe Jeans creates a narrative of olfactory sophistication, seamlessly blending traditional sensibilities with a modern twist. The fragrances represent a lifestyle and become companions on the wearer's daily journey through busy city streets or peaceful park paths.

'Bright for Her' and 'So Bold for Him' complete the very essence of a spring day, offering a sensory reflection of the season's awakening.

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