Perfumes inspired by dreams: new Tory Burch collection

Tory Burch's dream-inspired perfume collection will make your transition from summer to fall easier...

It is common knowledge that fragrance is highly linked to emotions and memory and this is what makes a personal perfume so special. The smell of a certain perfume has the power to instantly revive you, inspire you, and even take you back to certain moments in time and evoke old feelings. Tory Burch's "Essence Of Dreams" perfume collection pays homage to this phenomenon, encouraging each wearer "to live with character, beauty and confidence."

The collection of five perfumes, presented in collaboration with the world's leading perfumers Shiseido, reflects Tory Burch's design philosophy, with reinvented classics and unexpected contrasts. Formulated with the highest quality botanicals and essential oils, each fragrance is infused with fresh, nature-inspired notes, ranging from heady and enchanting to vibrant and refreshing.

"I've always been fascinated by scents—the way they can connect us to memories and inspire emotions," Burch says in a press release. "I wanted to create beautiful fragrances that remind us to follow our dreams and imagine a world of endless possibilities."

Each fragrance in the collection is associated with dream and feeling: "Divine Moon" is associated with peace and contains the flower of the "queen of the night", honey and citrus, "Electric Sky" is associated with freedom and has notes of cactus flower, lavender and wood.

"Mystic Geranium" is about joy and smells of bergamot, aromatic geranium and musk while "Cosmic Wood" aims to evoke magic and contains cardamom, jasmine and vetiver. The last of the series, Sublime Rose, a perfume associated with the feelings of love, contains notes of rose, blackcurrant and warm wood.

While there may be a certain scent profile that appeals to you, the collection is meant to combine different perfumes at once to match your own dreams and intentions.

Each bottle strikes a balance between modern design and traditional apothecary shapes and features a curved glass body and sculptural cap. The legendary Tory Burch logo is framed in a specific colour designed to evoke the spirit of each fragrance.

The Tory Burch Essence of Dreams collection is available exclusively in Tory Burch stores and on the brand's website from August 5.

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