Prada perfumes with secret ingredients

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Prada brand is presenting a line of perfumes, created with skillfully blended extraordinary ingredients, proving once more that opposites attract…

New line of Prada perfumes emerged in collaboration with Spanish company Puig from Barcelona. L’Homme Prada and La Femme Prada are presented with all highlights which mark this famous brand.

Designed like a reflection in a mirror, this perfumes come in identical packaging, on which you can notice small differences in details. Packaging and bottle design meant for men are characterized with gray shades and interesting silver stopper, as well as glittering silver interior. The version meant for women is made from translucent glass with golden stopper and gilded interior.

Special formula which makes these scents unique is created by Daniela Andrier, from the Swiss perfume maison Givaudan. This Swiss company had a great influence in creating all previous Prada perfumes.

For the needs of L’Homme Prada perfume, an omnipresent classical approach to scent notes has been used, so this perfume is characterized by a mixture of lavender, oak moss extract and coumarone, in order to find the best possible forest freshness scent. Aromas of geranium and orange neroli oil have been added, even though they are mostly used in feminine perfumes.

La Femme Prada follows the notes of femininity, where the protagonists are fresh scents like topical frangipani with an addition of vanilla, tuberose, honey and ylang-ylang oil. La Femme is highlighted like a complete contract to its male counterpart, but also keeps a small secretive addition in the form of Indian vetiver, which is mainly used in men’s perfumes.


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