Rhode Pocket Blush by Hailey Bieber is a Must-Have Beauty Product

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More photos

Hailey Bieber takes center stage, introducing the latest innovation from the Rhode brand: Pocket Blush…

This campaign puts Bieber in the spotlight, capturing close-up shots that showcase the product's versatility and chic design. The photos feature soft lighting and a minimalist aesthetic, highlighting the brand's commitment to understated glamour. The recent Saint Laurent model, with her radiant complexion enhanced by the baby pink shade "Piggy" Pocket Blush, exudes a fresh, natural glow with a rosy makeup look.

The Pocket Blush collection boasts six versatile shades that cater to a range of skin tones and preferences. From the gentle lavender hue "Sleepy Girl" to the vibrant coral "Spicy Marg," each color offers a unique touch of brightness.

The neutral peach-toned "Freckle," the intense pink "Juice Box," and the bronze-terra cotta "Toasted Teddy" complete the selection, ensuring a shade for every skin tone. The campaign styling remains true to Rhode's minimalist roots, providing the perfect backdrop for the blush colors.

Designed for the modern woman on the go, Pocket Blush is compact and easy to use, making it an essential addition to any makeup bag. Priced at $24, it offers a quick way to achieve a natural flushed look.

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