The best new perfumes for men

Each season gives you the opportunity to subtly change your style and attitude, and that story usually starts with perfume…

The scent that remains as a trace behind you, deeply etched in the memory of all the people you encounter during one day, says a lot about your personality, way of thinking and the choices you make. Whether you choose a woody, musk or citrus perfume, it will let everyone around you know if you are a fan of traditional, fresh or modern things, what you enjoy when the world around you disappears and what you really want to experience.

Smokey, spicy and woody perfumes are usually associated with the winter season, enveloping you like a heartfelt veil that warms you, while summer is generally characterized by a mixture of citrus, floral notes, salt water and freshness. The best summer scents wake up nostalgic memories of lazy days spent on the beach of your choice, becoming such a bottled version of escapism that we so eagerly desire.

To help you leave the best possible impression this summer, we present you the best new perfumes for men - discover them in the gallery.

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