The latest Louis Vuitton perfume is like the finest french champagne in perfume form


Louis Vuitton has unveiled its latest masterpiece in the world of perfumes – "Myriad."

This fragrance is the sixth addition to the "Les Extraits" collection. Chief perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud collaborated with renowned architect Frank Gehry to combine their exceptional talents and create stunning bottle designs and a collection of perfumes that truly reflect their individual artistry. "Les Extraits," marking Maison Vuitton's debut in the world of extract perfumes, has been carefully crafted using only the finest ingredients.

In their first perfume collaboration, Gehry brought his distinctive architectural touch to the bottle designs, seamlessly blending Louis Vuitton's iconic shape with his famous elements. In addition to the bottles, Gehry also created a unique perfume trunk exclusively for the collection, adding another layer of luxury and sophistication.

At the heart of the "Myriad" perfume lies a sensory essence derived from Assam wood. Hand-picked by Belletrud, it was chosen from an exclusive supplier dedicated solely to the Louis Vuitton brand. This ingredient enhances the woody oud notes of the perfume, achieving a harmonious balance. "Myriad" features expertly blended notes of rose, saffron, cocoa, ambrette, white musk, and a touch of moss to create a captivating and multi-layered olfactory experience. Each note gradually unfolds, revealing alluring nuances.

"Myriad" is now available through the Louis Vuitton website.

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