The most expensive perfume of the world

The most expensive collection of perfumes so far, which is the work of the World of Diamonds, one of the largest private corporation dealing in diamonds, in cooperation with Cuarzo The Circle, the leading Spanish perfume house, The Royale Dream, had its debut 19th September...

Debut of this fragrance took place in Amber Lodge in Singapore, during the Grand Prix weekend. Diamond decorated perfume, will be housed in a box of palladium, which is set with leather. This bottle of perfume will be designed as a work of art, and standing proudly on the cushion of the skin, on which the blue diamond ring is placed. The price of this edition is about $ 140,000, and it will be offered to guests during a silent auction in the Boudoir Noire.

World of Diamonds Corporation will enchant VIP guests of Amber Lodge with over 7 million worth individual creations during a fashion show and Pharrell Williams and Jon Bon Jovi will provide entertainment.

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