These perfumes will last all day long - even during summer

These perfumes will last all day long - even during summer

There is nothing like finding a perfume that you really like to wear and nothing that can disappoint you more than the fact that just that perfect scent evaporated after an hour or two…

This usually happens with fragrances that have a lower concentration of perfume oil - everything that is categorized under Eau de Parfum can very easily be short of breath. The nomenclature of the world of perfumes can be confusing, especially since we have been using the term cologne for many years when describing fragrances for men, while fragrances for women have been described as perfumes. But EDP typically has a perfume oil concentration in the range of 10 to 20 percent, while EDT - Eau de Toilette - has 5 to 10, and EDC - Eau de Cologne - three to five percent.

Even within these ranges, some EDPs can last for hours and spread around you, while others evaporate very quickly and smell only when someone really gets close to you. For that reason, many people skip EDP and buy the next item on the scale - perfumes. They are sometimes characterized as extraits de parfum, pure perfume or perfume oil, and when it comes to the concentration range, the figure stops somewhere between 30 and 40%. For this reason, they last longer on your skin and are therefore more cost-effective than other options, although they actually cost more.

Unfortunately, many brands do not make top-range perfumes or create them in really limited editions, but those for whom that is the main philosophy have a loyal fan cult, with good reason. In the gallery, you can discover the best men's and unisex perfumes that will stay on your skin throughout the day, giving you the energy to be the best version of yourself at all times.

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