Tom ford is undoubtedly one of most influential fashion designers today. The dynamic style icon has rendered some valuable beauty regimen tips targeted for men to coincide with the launch of his new skincare and grooming collection.

Since not all men as blessed with Tom Ford genes, the designer has rolled out the collection along with promotional video to appear most handsome and impeccable self. Only wearing suits from Tom Ford line will not help. To look suave, hot and sophisticated like him, men also need to use few or all of the eight multitasking products from TOM FORD FOR MEN collection. 

He appeals to men to take care of oneself to add quality to life. And since looking the best, is a sign of respect to those around, it is essential to focus on one’s grooming habits. He also asserts that the efforts need not be complicated to be effective. Based on his personal beauty regime, the collection is created to calm, comfort and mattify the skin.

It’s simple to achieve a polished look, just take care of at skin, look closer to face and use basic corrective techniques to pose as the most handsome impeccable self to the world. The grooming tools for a man to look his very best include an oil-free moisturizer, a purifying face cleanser, a mud mask, an anti-fatigue eye treatment, concealers, a lip balm, a serum and bronzing gel.

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