Tom Ford Noir Color collection

Tom Ford beauty brand presents us with a collection of limited edition, inspired by the new perfume Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme...

Specially featured in an interesting package Noir collection is intended for idyllic Tom Ford woman, who was eager for intimacy and eccentricity, extravagance and intrigue. Creamy and powdery eye shadows from this line were presented in deep shades of black, with reflective pearls that allow creating the perfect smoky eye effect. New Lash Tips Mascara in cobalt and gold each appearance adds extravagance. All this, combined with nude lips and black onyx nails, create an incredibly attractive and seductive look, embroidered with decadence.

Night Sky is a new color of eye shadow - its bottom layer is creamy black color, while the upper layer is designed as an intensive powder with elements of pearls that reflect light. New mascara is innovative and seductive, and your lashes will get an irresistible look. Its long-lasting formula is very extravagant, and your look will get a dose of mystery.

New Waterproof Mascara in Noir shades will enhance your eye and boost the energy of your look. Powder fills your lashes and gives them a dramatic impact; a creamy formula will prevent formation of lumps and will give you a perfect look throughout the day. Combined with mascara, a new eye pencil will create phenomenal and an edgy look of the eye. It combines innovative technology with rich color pigments, and it’s very easy to apply. New color, Navy Blue, has a high level of silver pearls and therefore creates an irresistible look.

Tom Ford lipstick is for the first time presented in perfect nude shade. Rare and exotic ingredients such as soybean seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and oil chamomile flowers create ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated pigments are nicely combined together and give you the appearance of full lips, with the right touch of sparkle.

The new Tom Ford nail polish is presented in onyx black shades, with small blue pearls. This formula is high quality, which will easily cover the entire nail and shine the same color over the entire surface.

Tom Ford Noir Color Collection will be available from April.

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