Top List: The best perfumes for every romantic mood

Apparently, from December to March, Cupid charges his famous arrows with an electric charge, which is why every love story acquires sensual notes that are unique and indescribable...

If you have ever felt a new love during that period, then you definitely know what we are talking about. And while scientists are still trying to figure out what exactly love is and why it affects every aspect of our existence and life, perfumers do their best to create fragrances that exude romance and remind us of that moment when we first realized that we are in love.

Passionate lovers, according to the words of the world's most famous perfumers, gravitate towards earthy, woody scents and oud accords that exude sexiness, especially when they are interwoven with vanilla or spice tones. Eternal romantics adore the scent of roses and other flowers, which intoxicate and fill them with warmth like a real bouquet.

Either way, an alluring perfume is the finishing touch to your overall style, combined with clothes, accessories and a must-have attitude. The hunt for the ideal fragrance that will become something like your signature and awaken the feelings of love in you and your loved one is similar to the search for true love - it seems to be within reach, but somehow that perfect note that you crave always eludes you.

This time, we decided to present you the best fragrances that will delight every person you meet during the day, especially your romantic partner. Discover them in the gallery:

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