Versace Dylan Blue

Nova buntovnička vizija Versace muškarca

Italian fashion house Versace, reunited once again with photographer Bruce Weber for the first campaign for the new men's fragrance, Dylan Blue...

This campaign is based on timeless and rebellious spirit, with the help of the protagonist who embodies the ideals of this fragrance, Trevor Signorino. With leather, biker jacket, tight jeans and T-shirt, this model is the focus on black and white photography. Trevor is joined by fashion IT Girl Gigi Hadid.

As far as the fragrance goes, Dylan Blue has a woody aroma with hints of citrus, bergamot, grapefruit and fig leaves. Easy described as a Mediterranean scent with aquatic notes, this new fragrance contains violet leaves, black pepper, saffron and papyrus.

Some more information about the perfume gave Donatella Versace: "Dylan Blue is the essence of today's Versace men. It is a scent that is filled with character and individuality, as well as the expression of the power of one man and his charisma. I really like the way it takes the traditional notes and smells and makes them very modern, totally fresh for today and tomorrow ":

The artistic direction of this campaign, for which Weber was responsible, is based on the number of films that he watched, where the actors are mixed with martial arts warriors. As Weber says, these fighters appear to constantly prove to the female characters in the film so they’d fall in love with them, so the idea of ​​creating such a campaign was very interesting to him.

However, on the other hand, Weber emphasizes the emotional aspect of this campaign, because "many women respect the sensitivity and vulnerability of men. I wanted to show that men can have these qualities, while still remaining powerful and disciplined, and that they can really fall in love with the woman of their dreams. For me, Versace brand has always had that kind of passion, for which I have always enjoyed collaborations with them - they give photographers all the freedom they need. "

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