Yara Shahidi - a godly presence in the Jean Paul Gaultier Divine perfume campaign

Yara Shahidi has become the face of the new Jean Paul Gaultier perfume, Gaultier Divine...

In a glamorous commercial, the star of the series "Grown-ish" exudes charm and allure, dressed in a golden corset and adorned with layered necklaces. The campaign portrays her as a golden goddess surrounded by her court.

In the advertisement, Shahidi plays the role of a goddess alongside models, alluring sailors like sirens from ancient myths. The curly-haired star playfully interacts with a miniature boat captained by male model Rafael Diogo. This scene embodies the playful spirit and glamour associated with the French fashion brand.

The bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier Divine perfume reflects the brand's penchant for timeless sensuality, borrowing its iconic cone-shaped design from the founder's lingerie-inspired wardrobe. Using this perfume is like touching a part of fashion history.

The scent inside the bottle offers a true olfactory adventure through contrasting terrains, crafted by perfumer Quentin Bisch. The perfume plays with sea salt notes, delivers a sense of grandeur with lily of the valley, and finally captivates with the scent of vanilla. This perfume - a floral gourmand marine fragrance - defies simplicity.

Yara Shahidi serves as the radiant face for Gaultier Divine eau de parfum. The actress and activist brings a modern royal touch to the fragrance, captivating the audience through visuals and the commercial. Fashion is no stranger to her, as Yara is also an ambassador for the Dior brand. Models Tando Hopa, Tess McMillan, and Lola Rodriguez join Shahidi in this mesmerizing visual story.

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