Cartier presents their new fashion accessories collection

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More photos

The main role in the new campaign was given to Lily Collins...

Famous French luxury brand Cartier has just introduced its Panthere de Cartier Chain bags, displaying an inimitable expertise when it comes to the design of jewellery and leather goods. Introduced by actress Lily Collins, new Cartier bags combine leather with the brand's famous symbol, the panther. Imitating the fluid way of movement of this big cat, the new accessories have acquired sensual curves. Their slightly "exaggerated" shape does not have any rough edges or visible seams, resulting in delicate and elegant bags.

The buckle of the new models is a bold fashion statement, as the head of the famous bloodthirsty panther takes centre stage. The sculptural piece is created with eleven leather inserts for added depth, while the inner label features an illustrated panther head with full stylistic cohesion. Combining form with function, the new collection of bags also received an inner pocket with a mirror.

Offered in a variety of colour palettes, the Panthere de Cartier Chain bags come in black, taupe, beige, red, petrol blue, creamy white and pale yellow options, in two sizes – mini and small. We must emphasize that the price of the mini variations is $2,700, while the small options cost $3,200, and both are already available for purchase through the brand's official website.

In our gallery you can see the Cartier Panthere de Cartier Chain Bag campaign, starring Lily Collins, known for her portrayal of the main character in the series Emily in Paris. Characterized by the French chic style, Lily puts one of the new bags in the centre of attention in each photo, which already has a cult following around it.

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