In a clever play on Chanel's famous interlocking double Cs, the French house has unveiled a new makeup and skincare hybrid, the CC Cream.

While most beauty houses have capitalized on a Korean fad to come up with their own version of the BB or Blemish Balm cream, Chanel's CC Cream takes it up one notch. The Color Corrective Cream claims to be an all-in-one product that hews to Coco Chanel's minimalist philosophy, an aesthetic which is reflected in the tube's stark white packaging.

Women with sensitive skin will be pleased to know that only mineral-based sunscreen and concealing pigments are used, which are soothing and markedly less likely to cause redness or irritation. Texture-wise, the cream glides on light as souffle, and promises to offer long-lasting coverage of various skin imperfections: enlarged pores, wrinkles and the like.

What we love about the CC Cream is how velvety it feels, making application a pampering experience enhanced further by the infusion of an ephemeral fruity-floral scent with notes of white peach, watermelon and jasmine. Best of all, the deeply hydrating cream covers fine lines without settling into them and making them more noticeable.

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