Chanel starts the new year with a new collection

Chanel once again discovered the extraordinary power hidden in one flower - this time it's a red camellia. With anti-aging properties and environmentally friendly packaging, the new collection No. 1 De Chanel is ahead of its time, like the founder of the house, Gabrielle Chanel.

For Gabrielle Chanel, camellia has always been a cult flower, which hides a rich and long-lasting quality of youth behind its petals. In 2022, Chanel chose this special flower as the essence of the new De Chanel skin care collection No. 1. The avant-garde line was born in Gaujacq, a city in the southwest of France, where a research laboratory is located, and a large number of dedicated experts implement their innovative agroecological farming methods.

The miracle of skin care appears at the root of the plant, where extraction, concentration and purification from water and earth begin. Fully bloomed, the flower is picked by hand at a certain time, and it is in this concentration of red camellia that lies the ability to strengthen the skin's defences, slow down dehydration and keep the skin youthful.

Beauty ahead of time

Chanel has always invested resources and time in its research sites, as they are scattered in different climate zones in order to achieve optimal results. In this collection, Camellia 'The Czar' is a flower that differs from any other because it shows extraordinary effects on human skin without precedent.

All N ° 1 De Chanel Camellia products are developed with great care for nature. The products contain up to 97% of ingredients of natural origin and 76% of camellia derivatives obtained from a sustainable source in order not to consume the essence of the plant. Moreover, the weight of the package is reduced by up to 50% with some products that can be refilled. The use of plastics, disposable plastics, flyers and inks has also been either minimized or eliminated to make them as environmentally friendly as possible.

Ritual of beauty of vitality

The brand has managed to implement this wonderful ingredient in three product lines: skin care product, make-up and scented mist. The basics are revitalizing serum and cream of red camellia, which have been proven to significantly reduce wrinkles. Red Camellia Revitalizing Eye Cream will help you refresh your eye area with Chanel's massage technique. If you are looking forward to improving your skin in the best way, opt for a revitalizing red camellia lotion, serum, mist to foam to improve, refresh and cleanse the skin.

When it comes to makeup, the Red Camellia Revitalizing Foundation, generously enriched with red camellia oil, not only offers a coverage with a radiant finish, but also hydrates and protects the skin from aggressors to look naturally radiant, by itself. On the other hand, red camellia lip and cheek balm will give your look a natural complexion and comes in 6 different shades.

Since the flower has no scent, the sky is the limit of this collection. L’eau Rouge Revitalizing Fragrance Mist is composed of notes of jasmine, orange blossom, rose and sparkling red fruit. All in all, it is designed to give you a feeling of freshness that can be worn alone or with any other perfume.

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