David Beckham's Eyewear: Timeless Elegance and Mediterranean Vibes

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More photos

Football and fashion icon David Beckham has introduced the latest additions to his eyewear brand, Eyewear by David Beckham.

This Spring/Summer 2024 collection embodies the enduring qualities of British fashion, personally designed by Beckham.

Refined Aesthetics with a Touch of Mediterranean Influence

Each pair of sunglasses in this collection is crafted with supreme craftsmanship, ensuring optimal clarity of vision. Notably, photochromic lenses seamlessly adapt to different lighting conditions, making them ideal from dawn to dusk, regardless of location.

Beckham draws inspiration from the carefree ambiance of a Mediterranean summer, incorporating tones of the sunset into the color scheme. Delicate hints of pink, purple, and warm orange are in harmony with the natural shades of the sun setting over the Mediterranean.

Iconic Details and Elegant Silhouettes

The collection features iconic details, including the Talisman symbolizing power and freedom, as well as the DB monogram. These elements add a unique character to each piece. With nine new styles, including thin acetate frames and reinterpretations of classic designs, David Beckham offers options for lasting sophistication or bold originality. Whether day or night, the eyewear from David Beckham's new collection is ideal for any occasion.

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