Dolce&Gabbana teamed up with P&G Prestige Company, which is actually in charge of all their perfumes among other things, in order to launch a beauty skincare collection...

Actually, in collaboration with P&G Prestige brand, they are now launching, for the first time ever, two lines of skincare products: Essential and Aurealux. What were talking about here are completely new product contexture, which contains Gold Flavo-Silk Triocomplex, based on golden silky extract of sericine and provides intensive hydration while making the skin look impeccable. Other ingredients of these beauty products are exclusive Italian olive oil and its extracts, as well as vitamin B3.

„Dolce & Gabbana Skincare line is based on one very simple truth: beautiful, vivid skin has the power to attract attention and charm everyone – it is natural, radiant, and most important of all, real“, says Domenico Dolce.

The two lines of beauty skincare products are actually presenting a unique ritual – Essential line is there to cleanse, improve and protect the skin, while the advanced Aurelaux line is there to hydrate it and improve its radiance.

“Our vision of beauty is manifested in Dolce & Gabbana woman – which is the inspiration of all our creations, the very heart of them. We searched for inspiration on Sicily, which is an endless source of creativity and beauty for us. Skin beauty especially. Based on groundbreaking scientific discoveries, Dolce & Gabbana skincare line has for its goal to give every woman the perfect skin, so she can bewitch with its beauty every person who lays eyes on her”, adds Stefano Gabbana.

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