Elle Fanning dazzles in campaign for Rabanne FAME perfume

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In the advertising campaign for Rabanne FAME perfume, the spotlight is on the talented Elle Fanning, who was named the ambassador of this fragrance last year...

The visual narrative unfolds with Fanning, who is a vision of elegance dressed in a pale pink gown that complements her charm. The blonde star is depicted gracefully lying on a bed, holding an oversized version of the FAME perfume bottle, a design that cleverly pays homage to the brand's legacy with details in the form of an intriguing metallic shell. This element is a subtle tribute to Paco Rabanne's famously shiny chain and metal dresses, bridging the gap between the brand's illustrious past and its contemporary vision.

The campaign is further brought to life in the accompanying advertisement, where David Bowie's iconic song "Fame" sets a rhythmic backdrop. This choice of music perfectly aligns with the perfume's name and adds a layer of retro chic to the modern setting. Fanning's dynamic presence is captured through a series of costume changes, each reflecting a different facet of the Rabanne woman's personality. Her movements are choreographed together with the floating FAME perfume bottle, creating a mesmerizing dance that symbolizes the seductive essence of the fragrance.

At the heart of Rabanne FAME Eau de Parfum is a celebration of the Parisian spirit, embodying a new era of femininity that Paco Rabanne advocates. This perfume is a sophisticated blend of the purest jasmine, mixed with the rich sweetness of juicy mango and rounded off with deeply sensual creamy incense.

“I am thrilled to be an ambassador for a brand like Paco Rabanne. I was completely enchanted by the concept and felt it was the perfect match and truly reflective of my personality. When asked if I wanted to be part of this new chapter, my answer was an immediate 'yes'."

“Multifaceted and multitalented, Elle Fanning could not be a better choice as the face of FAME," says Paco Rabanne Vice President Jérôme Leloup. "She embodies the essence of the ultra-modern feminine spirit of Paco Rabanne, and we are very pleased to have her as the ambassador of our new perfume.

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