Louis Vuitton bags - more expensive than a BMW

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More photos

Not all Louis Vuitton bags are designed the same – some cost a few hundred dollars and others cost thousands of dollars…

On the website of this famous fashion brand, stars are separated from super stars and mega stars. There is a special section where you can find Capucine, Alma and Volta bags, made of exotic materials, such as ultra-luxurious crocodile leather. They cost several thousand dollars, but still, there are those varieties that cost more than 40,000 dollars.

In the old days, this fashion brand did not even present them on the website, because they were simply intended for their ultra-rich and luxurious clientele, for whom shopping is an all-day experience and enjoyment, with special benefits and details. However, a few months ago, they made a change in their system, so they posted detailed specifications of all models and their prices.

Last year, this luxury brand decided that it had to pay more attention to those rich and luxurious collections, which are aimed at affluent customers, in order to preserve its image as an exclusive brand. This exotic group of bags certainly helps them in that, because believe it or not, these bags cost more than a BMW.

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