Louis Vuitton Trunks in the Spotlight for the Holidays

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More photos

Louis Vuitton eagerly welcomes the holiday season with a captivating 2023 campaign that captures the essence of luxury and celebration...

The campaign is a mesmerizing visual experience featuring models Ahmadou Gueye, Mathieu Simoneau, and Wen Qiming, who bring to life the narrative created by this iconic fashion house.

Photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch adds a layer of storytelling, showcasing the details of the season and refined aesthetics. Meanwhile, stylist Stella Greenspan crafts the campaign's fashion narrative with finesse, dressing the models in sharp evening wear that exudes sophistication from every thread.

The campaign is a canvas where timeless style meets contemporary charm, demonstrating Louis Vuitton's commitment to supreme craftsmanship. The choice of clothing highlights the brand's signature tailoring, while also flirting with more relaxed items - pieces that promise to be perfect gifts, resonating with the spirit of travel and leisure that the holiday season celebrates.

The undeniable highlight of the campaign is the prominence of Louis Vuitton's legendary trunks. These storied trunks, adorned with the iconic monogram print, share the spotlight as stars, symbolizing the rich heritage of the brand.

The trunks, a flawless blend of functionality and elegance, are narrators of the brand's journey, preserving the essence of Louis Vuitton's luxurious origins within.

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