Margot Robbie Charms in Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick Ad

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More photos

In a dazzling new campaign, Chanel highlights the Rouge Allure Velvet Nuit Blanche, a limited edition collection of lipsticks, featuring the stunning Margot Robbie as the face of the line.

The Barbie movie star epitomizes the sophistication and allure that Chanel represents, wearing a series of matte lipsticks designed to stand out. The Rouge Allure Velvet Nuit Blanche range features a variety of shades designed to encompass different phases of the night. From dark and rich coral hues to bold red lipsticks and delicate fresh pinks, the collection is a celebration of elegance. Each shade is crafted to complement various moments after dusk, reflecting a unique mood.

Chanel has also redesigned the packaging for this special line, introducing sleek, minimalist tubes in white with striking black accents, paying homage to the brand's timeless aesthetic.

In the campaign's photographs, Margot Robbie embodies effortless elegance, complementing the matte lipstick with a chic black leather coat.

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