Yves Saint Laurent has unveiled its latest premium skincare product, a regenerating skin cream. Named Or Rouge (Red Gold in French), this product is brand’s second glycan skin regeneration cream, deemed as a “skin renaissance treatment.”

The product contains saffron which is harvested from crocus flowers picked in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and due to its rarity is often called “red gold”. What makes this formulation so special is its main ingridient – the unique glycan from the saffron.

It helps the skin regenerate, but its presence in the skin diminishes with age, so YSL’s team found the right combination of glycans for Or Rouge (the crocin – the glycan harvested from the crocus and X-Glycan which also reportedly kindles the skin’s ability for self-renewal) and create the product which stimulates skin renewal. 

Or Rouge will get its global debut at Harrods in London in early February, before appearing in the United States on yslbeautyus.com in mid-March. It will come in three sizes, starting at $150 for the 200-ml. lotion, $240 for the 15-ml. eye cream, and going up to $420 for the 50-ml. cream.



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