Phantom by Rabanne – Designed for Men with Confidence

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Phantom by Rabanne embodies the essence of male confidence, ignited by a magnetic aura.

This fragrance is created for the king who reigns at night and to whom it is impossible to resist. Now, the famed brand takes that allure to a new level, introducing a bolder and stronger scent called Phantom Intense.

Presented in a bottle with a strong gradient transitioning from black to blue, this perfume, with its power, comes to life in anyone who responds to the irresistible call of twilight. The new Phantom Intense perfume bottle captures the electric energy and tones of twilight in Paris, in moments when darkness slowly begins to fall, hiding the last glimmers of daylight.

Phantom Intense, bringing a new dose of the bold spirit of adventure, is crowned with a golden shiny cap, immediately drawing attention and at first glance expressing masculinity.

Phantom Intense continues the evolution of the Phantom man perfume while entering a new olfactory boundary with a fresher, stronger aromatic touch. Made from exceptional ingredients by world-renowned perfumers, Phantom Intense defies expectations and defines a new face of strong masculinity. Vibrant lavender at the start of the scent gives way to a luxurious composition of vanilla and reveals seductive woody tones. The unexpected, bold element of orange blossom brings a fresh aspect that makes this fragrance unique and irresistibly fresh.

To capture your mysterious aura, the new aromatic, floral, and amber essence of Phantom Intense includes fresh lemon tones, a warm and spicy trace of cardamom, and sage oil. The addition of spicy rum absolute adds an exciting touch, while cedar oil and a modern note of moss revive the fragrance with woody and earthy sensations of sensuality.

Brand ambassador for Rabanne, Charlie Heaton, captures the magnetic energy and irresistible aura of the Phantom Intense man. The scent enters into a new intense chapter, through which Phantom lives as a fearless expression of modern masculinity, encouraging others to discover their bravest side and respond to the call of twilight.

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