We would like to thank you for your interest in starting a FRANCHISE COOPERATION!

It is our pleasure to present our media company, LUXURY GROUP, established in 2009. 

Luxury Group operates on 3 continents (Europe, Asia and America) in 7 countries and in 7 different languages, including the global media portal LUXURYTOPICS.COM

LUXURYTOPICS.COM represents a window into the world of luxury for all of those who wish to enjoy a life. It combines quality content and sophisticated design. As a guide for all who have impeccable taste, LUXURYTOPICS.COM presents most prestigious cars, yachts, private jets, luxury villas and interiors, beautiful hotels and resorts, exotic destinations, the latest fashion collections, expensive watches and jewelry, and other current world trends... The content of the luxury media portal is designed to meet the highest criteria of its readers!

The primary target group of the LUXURYTOPICS.COM are successful men and women, aged from 25 to 65, with incomes above the average, who are willing to update their knowledge and information about the above mentioned fields of life, both for professional and private reasons.

The secondary target group includes all others, who are eager to gain he secondary target group includes all others, who are eager to gain information related to general knowledge from the fields which LUXURYTOPICS.COM focuses on.


Why LUXURY GROUP Franchising? 

  1. Because the luxury brands are growing inexorably. 
  2. Because Luxury Group has a large growth potential. In the past two years the portal has been launched in 6 countries. 
  3. Because the investments in the global internet advertising market are constantly growing. 
  4. Because the cost of entry into internet franchise business at far lower than the level of costs for individual investment and starting the internet business in the country of the franchisee. 
  5. Because the organization and management of Internet portal business is easier than ever: it does not require a large number of employees (1-2 employees is enough), which means minimal additional costs. 
  6. Because there is the possibility to make large profits by selling advertising space - CPM banners on the advertising market in the country of the franchisee. 
  7. Because the franchisee is the only one in the country and thus has an advantage over competition, by owning a genuine and quality product.


What does the LUXURY GROUP franchise package include? 


  1. Portal: visual and technological solution - available and prepared tool for entering new editorial content 
  2. Unlimited use of the content available on the LUXURYTOPICS.COM website
  3. Reference list of global clients on existing LUXURY portals
  4. Complete know-how related to internet business 
  5. Constant availability of technological innovations applied by the franchisor 
  6. Support and Consulting 24/7
  7. If you are interested in cooperation regarding the Franchise of LUXURY GROUP, we kindly ask you to fill out the questionnaire.


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