24 hours of Elegance by CHIVAS, presents Aubercy

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City of Belgrade will host the 7th edition of the finest classic car and culture of excellence event in Southeast Europe, the „24 hours of Elegance - Concoursd’Elegance& Salon of Excellence”, from September 1-3, in partnership with Belgrade Waterfront, Grand Casino Belgrade and in synergy with Serbian Federation of Historic Vehicles (FIVA  Member).

The event is chaired by its founder Alex Djordevic of DeGorsi Luxury consulting and will be held under the patronage of the Royal Family of Serbia.

24 hours of Elegance by CHIVAS, is an international event dedicated to the prestigious brands, synonymous with supreme quality of manufacture & craftsmanship of details. Guests will share their passion for classic cars, elegance, style and refinement. 

The opening gala will take place at the White Palace, on Friday, September 1, 2017, in presence of Their Royal Highnesses, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine, with the unveiling of MASTERS OF EXCELLENCE exhibition, presented by the renowned ARBITER magazine. This year’s edition is dedicated to the Parisian style championed by supreme maisons, renowned for their artisanship, such as CAMPS de LUCA bespoke tailors from Paris, superb bespoke shoemakers AUBERCY, the finest handmade leatherwear by Melina of Naples, and the exclusive cloth makers DORMEUIL. The gala is held with support of G.H. MUMM champagne.


Emblematic parisian shoemakers, masters of unique designs and top level craftsmanship will be presented by Xavier Aubercy, owner.

AUBERCY, famous parisian bespoke shoemaker, represents the Haute Couture of the bootmaker craft. For an aesthete, Bespoke is always the fulfillment of an absolute dream seen as the accomplishment of masculine elegance.

Each creation is a story starting with a white piece of paper and the desire of a client. The story is written together and takes shape gradually, stretching out towards perfection and arriving at the creation of a model, which is unique in the world.

In their workshop, every step has been thought to, at once continue all bespoke techniques and also to revive refinements, which vanished in time. Aubercy wants to sign the true artwork which Bespoke is, made like it used to be more than 50 years ago, and which remains timeless…

Aubercy, the last bootmaker entirely family-owned and independent in Paris, can only conceive Bespoke in a particular spirit.

No text could describe the exclusivity of such creation, as true refinement-lovers know.

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