24 hours of Elegance by CHIVAS, presents FABI

City of Belgrade will host the 7th edition of the finest classic car and culture of excellence event in Southeast Europe, the „24 hours of Elegance - Concoursd’Elegance& Salon of Excellence”, from September 1-3, in partnership with Belgrade Waterfront, Grand Casino Belgrade and in synergy with Serbian Federation of Historic Vehicles (FIVA  Member).

The event is chaired by its founder Alex Djordevic of DeGorsi Luxury consulting and will be held under the patronage of the Royal Family of Serbia.

24 hours of Elegance by CHIVAS, is an international event dedicated to the prestigious brands, synonymous with supreme quality of manufacture & craftsmanship of details. Guests will share their passion for classic cars, elegance, style and refinement.

At the Royal Palace, guests will enjoy the live performance of Belgrade National Theater’s Ballet stars, while the second part of our event will include charity auction followed by the presentation of the Contemporary fashion curated by Lady Cristina Egger, refined jewelry designer Berg, accessories AristoPop, couture show of Francesca Cappelletti brand, and ladies shoes by FABI.


Fabi has been established in 1965, by brothers Enrico and Elisio, who, along with their wives, loved their work, making shoes using traditional, almost ancient, techniques.

They used to say: “You cannot be a cordwainer if you don’t have a passion for shoes.

In their opinion this kind of work requires knowledge, techniques and materials, as well as a great deal of effort. With that attitude and goal, Fabi has become a perfect beacon of Italian-made design as a distinctive business, a promoter of elegant style, an astute observer of trends, always anticipating new ways of life. Every step of the process, from the idea to the design and from production to sales, takes place in house, which makes Fabi's products unique and flawless. Not by chance it is a craft handed down from father to son. 

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