24 hours of Elegance by CHIVAS, presents HOH watches

City of Belgrade will host the 7th edition of the finest classic car and culture of excellence event in Southeast Europe, the „24 hours of Elegance - Concoursd’Elegance& Salon of Excellence”, from September 1-3, in partnership with Belgrade Waterfront, Grand Casino Belgrade and in synergy with Serbian Federation of Historic Vehicles (FIVA  Member).

The event is chaired by its founder Alex Djordevic of DeGorsi Luxury consulting and will be held under the patronage of the Royal Family of Serbia.

24 hours of Elegance by CHIVAS, is an international event dedicated to the prestigious brands, synonymous with supreme quality of manufacture & craftsmanship of details. Guests will share their passion for classic cars, elegance, style and refinement.

As a totally new part of our happening, this year’s spotlight will be on Belgrade Masters of Excellence - presenting the finest artisans from city of Belgrade. You will meet craftsmen and designers in several areas of luxury, previously unlikely to be seen in these parts of the world. Namely, we will present HOH timepieces created by Jovan Jelic, IGOR SUHENKO’s  bespoke shoes, MARUŠKA’s accessories and AQOS, an amazing range of supercars, designed by SasaMilovancevic, renowned automotive designer.

HOH Watches

The watch has always been a status symbol, but slowly it becomes a very important fashion detail.What matters the most when we are choosing a watch is unique design and quality. That is exactly one of the principles on which the concept of the brand HOH is based on. Beside the unique design, watches have an impeccable automatic mechanism of Swiss manufacture, the straps are made of top quality and very exotic leather such as stingrays or ostrich.

The watch have a modular design, which allows unlimited numbers of combinations. Every watch case are handmade from steel and polished. We also offer noble metal, in black color with DLC (Diamond Like Coating) watch case protection.Every part of a watch is very carefully select, from the silver dial to the leather and military straps.

What is a special attractive are diamonds, that we have in our regular HOH offer. For each of our HOH watch we provide certificate of authenticity signed by the designer, a watch identification card and a handmade watch box. Be original and let yourself feel unique. Designer of HOH watches is Jovan Jelic.


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