beHouse - luxury event in the heart of Milano

An exclusive party, beHouse welcomes great artisans, star chefs and illustrious guests. A toast to excellence in all its fascinating shades. beHouse, the house of bespoke, has finally opened its doors. Ever since the opening evening on Wednesday 20 May, beHouse has proved to be an extraordinary event able to unite highly skilled artisans and executive chefs.

Its founder is Giansandro Cantori of Be Spoke magazine, while curators of one part  of this prestigious concept are Aleksandar Djordjevic and Cris Egger of DeGorsi Luxury Consulting, which will be in this super exclusive area, until 5th of June bringing only the most prestigious brands and manufacturers top-quality products. From custom clothes created by famous masters of elegance Valentino Ricci from the house SCIAMAT, Roman arbiter of elegance Andrea LuparellI, through hand-made haute couture dress makers Nino Lettieri, Florentine shoe experts Ducal, esteemed ladies shoe designer DUCCIO VENTURI, timeless elegance couture brand AISHHA, evening handbags made of pure silver MNC Creations designer Martina Tittonel, watches Corum, YOZIQUE artworks by Sharon Jones, who with hundreds of thousands of real crystals creates amazing portraits, beautiful handmade accessories and eyewear by LUCA PAGNI, to sophisticated pieces of jeweler by FARAONE and STEFAN HAFNER, that have its history written for decades as symbols of luxury.

Until June 5, each of them will be asked to do live performances styled by Pranay Jaitly enthralling trunk shows, followed by just as exciting cooking shows, narrated by skilful and passionate chefs.

Illustrious guests also took part in the opening evening, where representatives of bien vivre and creators of rare hand-crafted art with passion that only beHouse has,  celebrates its elegance and beauty. Parts of the evening included Alexander Kraft of Sotheby’s real estate, Lino Ieluzzi of style mecca Al Bazzar, Gianni Fontana- style expert and many others. 

The events will be held daily  in via Dante, 14. The project, designed and organised by beSpoke - The Chic&Cool, is part of this year’s Expo in Città project.

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