CHIVAS 24 hours of Elegance by AUDI, presents DUCAL

The Royal Palace of Belgrade and the Belgrade Waterfront palace will host the 8th edition of the finest classic car and culture of excellence event in Southeast Europe, the „CHIVAS 24 hours of Elegance - Concours d’Elegance & Salon of Excellence”, from September 7-9, powered by AUDI, in partnership with Belgrade Waterfront, and in synergy with the Serbian Federation of Historic Vehicles (FIVA  Member).

The event is chaired by its founder Alex Djordevic of DeGorsi Luxury consulting and will be held under the patronage of the Royal Family of Serbia.

24 hours of Elegance by CHIVAS, is an international event dedicated to the prestigious brands, synonymous with supreme quality of manufacture & craftsmanship of details. Guests will share their passion for classic cars, elegance, style and refinement, in uniquely fascinating setting of the Royal Palace and the Belgrade Waterfront development. 

The opening gala will take place at the White Palace, on Friday, September 7, 2018, with the unveiling of MASTERS OF EXCELLENCE exhibition, presented by the renowned ARBITER magazine. The gala is held with support of G.H. MUMM champagne.This year’s edition is dedicated to the Neapolitan masters of elegance championed by superlative craftsmen, renowned for their artisanship, such as Sartoria Panico headed by Antonio PANICO, the iconic bespoke tailor from Naples, superb bespoke shoemakers DUCAL of Florence, famous shirtmakers MAROL from Bologna, renowned cloth makers DRAGO from Biella, Italy.

As well we are showing emergnig brands that have excellent product such as hand-made to order luggage by Ugly’s, Abadi oriental perfumes of highest quality and The Bespoke Dudes eyewear, appreciated by style aficionados around the world. Keynote speech about elegance will be delivered by the acclaimed German author Bernhard Roetzel, creator of the world acclaimed book Gentleman-a timeless guide to fashion. Exclusively, guests will have the opportunity to attend the premiere of the latest AUDI Q8.This year’s guest of honor is Princess Olga Romanoff, one of last descendants of the Imperial Russian family.

The star of this SALON OF EXCELLENCE, conferences and exhibitions dedicated to excellence in craftsmanship, which will be held on September 8 at the Belgrade Waterfront salon in Karađorđeva street starting at 3pm, is also:


The collection of Ducal hand-crafted shoes for men and women, using the highest quality leathers and made with extreme care, boasts seventy years of tradition and artisanal workmanship.

The knowledge and experience acquired by Signor Manetti remain the exclusive heritage of the family. Today, the fourth generation owners of Ducal brand, remain faithful to their forefather's principles, which signifies an absolutely unique and superb quality in the tradition and research of hand-crafted shoemaking and accessories. Ducal is synonymous with a style that goes beyond the trends, and is characterized by the most current nuances in Italian elegance; as well as being one hundred percent 'Made in Italy.

In accordance with a precise policy, Ducal produces a limited number of shoes per year due to the high quality standards employing great artistic skill and extremely accurate workmanship, most of which are hand made using the traditions of the past.

Ducal is particularly proud of its Goodyear welt construction. What characterizes Goodyear footwear is the leather insole, which is approximately four millimetres thick, and upon which a strip of leather or “welt” is sewn on by hand and thereafter sewn to the sole. The application of the heel completes the first work phase. Finally the shoe is finished trough milling of sole and heel, grinding and dyeing. At the end of a long and laborious process, the Goodyear method results in a shoe made to last and made to be absolutely balanced and extremely comfortable.

The Blake/Rapida construction involves two seams; the first seam assembling the insole lining and upper with the first sole.The second seam is made on the last and unites the previously sewn parts with the outer sole. Milling, grinding and dyeing complete the construction of the bottom part of the shoe. The result is a shoe of impeccable quality and of long lasting durability.

 In the Blake construction the last is removed from the shoe; and the welt, the sole, the insole and upper are sewn together using a single seam. The last is reintroduced and the workmanship continues with milling, grinding and dying of the sole and heels. The final result is an extremely comfortable and light shoe.

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