DeGorsi presented MASTERS of ELEGANCE powered by DRAGO, at PITTI UOMO in Florence

 Under the auspices of the 95th PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO,  Degorsi Luxury Consulting on January 8, 2019 at Westin Excelsior Firenze,  presented its 11th edition of SALON OF EXCELLENCE/Fashion Frames, featuring MASTERS of ELEGANCE  powered by DRAGO spa with Cifonelli, Sciamat & Chiaia curated by DeGorsi...

Cognac Talks with The Rake, WM Brown and Arbiter on print and online in 2019

Round Table on Eco Sustainability and Award ceremony

Art exhibition of Jakob Bolotin collages

MASTERS of ELEGANCE, created by DeGORSI Luxury Consulting in partnership with Lanificio Drago, presented the most prestigious selection of bespoke tailors such as Cifonelli, Paris; Sciamat, Milano and Sartoria CHIAIA, Naples, showing their stunning creations for evening elegance.

On January 8th, at the coveted Westin Excelsior hotel in Florence, under the auspices of PITTI UOMO, Salon of Excellence and Fashion Frames were officially opened by Alex Dordevic, chairman, and Cris Egger, co-chair of the event. After the round table moderated by Fabiana Giacomotti, acclaimed journalist and lecturer, one of speakers Franz Botre (editor in chief  of renowned ARBITER) awarded EXO SUSTAINABILITY award for 2018 to Alessandro Botta of DRAGO spa, while Mario dell’Oglio (CEO Best Shops and former Chairman of Camera Italiana Buyer Moda) received Fashion Business development 2018 award/.

Afterwards, a showcase of splendid evening elegance, curated by Alex Dordevic of DeGorsi luxury consulting, featured:

Masters of Elegance: Lorenzo Cifonelli (CIFONELLI), Valentino Ricci (SCIAMAT), Gennaro Annunziata (CHIAIA)

Masters of Craftsmanship supported by Arbiter Ducal (shoemakers, Florence), Siniscalchi (bespoke shirt-makers, Milan)

  • Hugo Jacomet of The Parisian Gentleman, made a very eloquent speech on bespoke elegance and introduced the latest Drago flannel cloth created for Cifonelli’s exclusive blazer capsule
  • A new part of the event, titled COGNAC TALKS, gathered leading media players discussing Print & Online – as perfect partners in 2019. Over a glass of fine Martell Cognac, Alex Dordevic of DeGorsi moderated the panel with Matt Hranek of the WM BROWN and Wei Koh of The RAKE. The panel was joined by Hugo Jacomet of The Parisian Gentleman.

During the cocktail, powered by Cuvage,  Lady Egger presented talented artisans in Fashion Frames segment, featuring: Berg (jewelry), AGARW-UD (contemporary fashion), Savini Jewels (jewelry), Marina Corazziari (jewelry) The event was wrapped up with an exhibition of art-illustrations by german artist JAKOB BOLOTIN.

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