HOMI lifestyle fair - carefully selected interior ideas in a refreshed format

HOMI, the famous lifestyle fair, which shows us the latest trends and styles in the world of interior design, will be held at the Milan Fair from January 24 to January 27.

This event will further strengthen HOMI's position as Europe's premier platform for quality design and innovation, with a comprehensive, yet carefully curated, quality selection of products, including decoration, cutlery, clothing, textiles, fragrances, gifts and holiday details.

Known for trend forecasting and close insight into market developments, this fair will host historic and established brands, along with new designers. Together with the requirements of a specific sector, HOMI combines a wide range of products, giving equal treatment to artisan and innovative pieces, as well as those created in Italy and the rest of the world. It is a combination that has turned this fair into a leading event of an ever-evolving industry.

The range of offerings is wide but well structured, while the new event route ensures that the exhibition is tailored to its visitors as much as possible. HOMI is no longer just product-based, but now reflects distribution practices, based on three visitor routes, designed to meet the needs of industry professionals and offer a highly engaging consumer experience.

The first route is HOMI Retail Inspiration, which has a special focus on the target group of specialist stores, large sales groups and online boutiques. It offers a variety of versatile products, which has also been transmitted to the Fragrance Inspiration and Textile Inspiration sections, with numerous products to discover.

HOMI Boutique & Design, meanwhile, are creating a platform for quality manufacturing, targeting department stores and innovative concept boutiques, as well as interior designers, architects and industry operators, looking for original and innovative products. The Creazioni Italiane section will be entirely dedicated to Italian craftsmanship and design, while the World Designers segment will bring together the best, most innovative and unique work of international designers.

The third route, HOMI International Delivery, is intended for the distribution of multiple products, international imports and export markets. It will offer a huge range of products at different prices, having something for each type of sales operator. There will be a variety of innovative products and plenty of inspirational elements across all of its sub-sections.

Finally, HOMI will also feature a Festivity space, which will be open January 22-26. This section of the fair will focus on traditional holiday seasons and other important occasions, with Christmas decorations and Nativity scenes taking center stage.

The event will also offer its visitors a program of workshops, forums and meetings, where they will be able to learn more about market trends, ideas and suggestions that will help them improve their business.

The HOMI Lifestyle Fair takes place from January 24 to January 27, 2020 and is definitely an event you should not miss.

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