DeGorsi Luxury Consulting presented new edition of MASTERS of ELEGANCE & MASTERS of CRAFTSMANSHIP on June 11, 2019 at Four Seasons Firenze hotel, under the auspices of the 96th PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO...

At the awe inspiring Chapel of Fours Seasons hotel in Florence, under the auspices of PITTI UOMO, Salon of Excellence / Fashion Frames was officially opened by Alex Dordevic, chairman, and Cris Egger, co-chair of the event, introducing MASTERS of ELEGANCE & MASTERS of CRAFTSMANSHIP.

For its 12th edition, DeGORSI Luxury Consulting, opted for the beautifully adorned Chapel of the hotel, that for the occasion was named Chapel of Excellence, rightly so, since there were presented some of the most prestigious bespoke tailors in the world: Lorenzo Cifonelli (CIFONELLI), Valentino Ricci (SCIAMAT) and Gennaro Annunziata (CHIAIA), and their superb summer chic creations.

Exclusively, Masters of Craftsmanship segment of the event supported by Arbiter, featured the second round of recognitions, Seal of Excellence, awarded to two legendary artisans: Alessandro Siniscalchi - bespoke shirtmaker of Milan & Roberto Ugolini, bespoke shoemakers from Florence.

Special guest of the evening was the author Yoshimi Hasegawa who presented her latest book The Italian Tailoring published by SKIRA.

As each season, ladies segment of the event, Fashion Frames, has been curated by Lady Cris Egger, who  presented talented artisans such as Lusso Mediterraneo , artistic jewelry and stunning creations in exotic leather created by GIOSA Milano. One of the highlights was the sneak preview of the exclusive bespoke tailoring capsule created by Silvana Ricci, under the Lady Sciamat brand, to the general approval of numerous guests of refined taste.

Following the award ceremony, invitees enjoyed sumptuous cocktails in a stunning hall of the Four Seasons hotel, probably one of the most beautiful location in the world.

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