Salon of Excellence by DeGorsi at Palazzo Capponi-Vettori, Florence

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For the third consecutive season DeGorsi luxury consulting curated Salon of Excellence conference & exhibition, supported by Camera Italiana Buyer Moda, on June 14, 2016 at the mesmerizingly beautiful setting of Palazzo Capponi-Vettori in Lungarno Guicciardini 1, Florence.

Presenting the culture of excellence through a selection of finest manufacturers, always respecting tradition but with progressive outlook towards the future, this year’s edition was an absolute highlight of PITTI UOMO. Key-note speaker of this edition was the president of the Camera Italiana Buyer Moda, Mario Dell’Oglio, who presented his book “Gentleman without a hat” at the event. The title of the book came from an observation: that a hat is man’s only visible style object, which has been lost over time. It is a symbol about the best way of presenting yourself to other people.

Alex Dordevic, chairman of the DeGorsi luxury consulting, introduced participating masters of craftsmanship from all parts of Italy such as Sartoria CHIAIA, bespoke tailors from Naples; Calzaturificio DUCAL, bespoke shoemakers from Florence; BEGUM KHAN, deluxe cufflinks from Istanbul. Cris Egger, co-chair of the event, presented the ladies fashion segment titled FASHION FRAMES, with ROXANA PANSINO couture, DUCCIO VENTURI ladies shoes, D’ASY handcrafted accessories and fashion designer Avaro Figlio as special guest of the event. Among other participants were artist LOLA VITELLI with her project Art Luxury Bags, CHEVALIER with prestigious line of accessories, jeweler PATRIZIA CORVAGLIA with collection of uniquely handcrafted pieces, MAG ladies handbags of highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Vibrant atmosphere followed the presentation of the book with the concert of the pianist Alessandro Martire introducing his album “Flames of joy” and a cocktail sponsored by Tenuta Artimino.

Event was organized by DEGORSI LUXURY CONSULTING in partnership with Lungarno Hotels and Artimino Estate, with Edoardo Tranchese of I Tranchese photography, HM make up Italy and Luciano Carino with models of Pavo Management of Piero Pavone.
Thanks to Annabella Pascale for Artimino Wines and Hospitality,

Salons of Excellence 2016 - Conference speakers and Exhibitors are:


In the spotlight was a superb Neapolitan tailoring hours CHIAIA, presented by its founder Gennaro Annunziata, who demonstrated his impeccable taste and daring style of tailored garments. CHIAIA presented a full range of garments, all of whom are meticulously handmade. From finest double breasted suits, poplin shirts and bespoke ties, CHIAIA is ready to fill your wardrobe with the finest items.


Ducal is synonymous with a style that goes beyond the trends, and is characterized by the most current nuances in Italian elegance; as well as being one hundred percent ‘Made in Italy.’ In accordance with a precise rm policy, Ducal produces a limited number of shoes per year due to the high quality standards employing great artistic skill and extremely accurate craftsman- ship, most of which are hand made using the traditions of the past. Ducal selects only the highest quality leathers from the nest French and Italian tanneries.


With strong fashion industry background that has been handed down for four generations, Mario Dell'Oglio delivers to the reader a true gent's elegance manual that slowly  becomes the bearer of complex questions about our own personality that each of us asks every day, even though clothing, the vehicle by which we will present ourselves to the world The book is not just a manual that allows you to disentangle shapes, colors, fabrics, to be chosen carefully depending on the event or relationship that you want to set up but it is also - and above all - a tool to begin to ask questions like “ how i want to be perceived “ and " what place I want to occupy “. The answers may already be in your wardrobe.


Modern embodiments of imperial Chinese and Ottoman heritages, the cufflinks are hand- crafted in the heart of Istanbul's Old Town, by Turkish artisans devoted to creating original objects d'art. Combining an appreciation of rare and precious materials, from baroque pearls to Indian rose cut emeralds, with decades of artistry, Begüm Khan Cufflinks offer the modern dandy a luxurious taste of eccentric sensibility and funky elegance.

More than mere accessories, each enchanting design has a story of its own and a special resonance for the designer.


Roxana Pansino is a brand founded on the ability to combine couture craftsmanship rigorously Made in Italy and the goldsmith's art, making luxurious evening gowns. Creativity, attention to detail and the search for a top quality fabrics are is the foundation for the creation of their pieces.

The Roxana Pansino dress is encrusted with real jewels, precious stones set in gold and having in mind a woman looking for exclusivity that is highlighted by the elegance and sophistication of the wearer.


A true Bottier, Duccio Venturi is a master in the world of Italian shoe- making. His story is actually born from a family tradition: both his grandfather and father made footwear.

Duccio Venturi collaborated with famous fashion houses, such as for Jimmy Choo, Chanel, etc.

Today with his daughter, they lead and create under the brand Duccio Venturi, producing top level designs with great style and attractive price.


D’ASY is inspired by the world of art and myth.

Each item is unique and entirely handcrafted in Italy by the most expert artisans who combine traditions with modern technology.

D'ASY designs its products selecting materials such as leather, precious silk and fine quality accessories. Each bag is numbered and accompanied by the authenticity certificate.

ALESSANDRO MARTIRE, pianist and composer

Alessandro Martire, is a young Italian pianist and composer, class of 1992. He studied piano and composition at Music Academy Genoa taking honors and a Master Class with an Italian pianist and composer Giusto Franco, as well at the American Music College in Boston, Berklee, in new age composition, performing at the David Friend recital hall. There’s no definition for his music. You can call it New Age, classical crossover, contemporary, alternative and other such adjectives but in the end it always comes down to this: Alessandro Martire plays Alessandro Martire music, connecting in an intimate manner with his audience, tapping into their emotions, thoughts and dreams like an old friend.


The great experience they got through several years inside tailoring laboratories and bag shops, the respect of the traditions, the charm of the best leathers and of the fine materials, the obsession for the details, the affection for their roots, hometown and its people, and the courage to chase their dreams… all that has conceived the essence of MAG.


Chevalier Project was born a year ago from a passionate research for a new fashion identity and dynamic self-expression through accessories. Semi-precious stones with their strong vibrant colors, are both inspiration and raw material for the first Chevalier's jewelry line. Peculiarities of Chevalier are: constant evolution in concept and product design, dense web of social media connections and e-commerce, quality of raw materials.


The brand Patrizia Corvaglia was born in 2002 from the idea-intuition-passion Patrizia with the aim to create objects and everyday life companions, expressions of ways of being and communicating.

The jewels of Patrizia Corvaglia are unique creations designed and made one by one on thoughts, materials, each time different individuals constantly changing.

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