6 restaurants with mesmerizing views

Restaurants around the world have interesting offers, interior and atmosphere...

However, six restaurants that we present you this time, we can single out as places where you will surely enjoy, because they offer great view, next to the fantastic meal.

# 1 Vertigo Bangkok, Thailand

Architecture designed to provide you with the feeling like you're on top of the world, Vertigo has the best view in Bangkok, if you ask us. It is located on the 61th floor and offers superior delicacies, cocktails and luxury beverages.

# 2 Tapasake, Male Atoll, Maldives

Imagine a situation - you look to the horizon and endless blue water, while enjoying the fresh sashimi specialties, prepared to the highest standards. In this restaurant, you will be able to enjoy the traditional sake, as well as superb cocktails.

# 3 The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar, Tanzania

This place looks like it belongs to a scenery from a Harry Potter movie, and you'll probably ask yourself who had the idea to build a restaurant on a rock. The view from here cannot be described with words, but people who have visited this place, claim that the food is equally good.

# 4 Sierra Mar, Big Sur, California, USA

The restaurant itself does not have any spectacular features, but a view that is ideal. In addition to the views that made it famous, this restaurant offers spectacular food, and just because of that, the waiting list for a table is too long.

# 5 Le Jules Verne, Paris, France

The famous restaurant in the Eiffel Tower is probably the first in the list of all those who love gastronomy, because here you can enjoy the excellent cuisine of the view that you certainly known - if not from your personal experience, then certainly from the films and series. If you visit this restaurant, be sure to order the lobster with black truffles.

# 6 Piz Gloria, Muren, Switzerland

This rotating restaurant is famous because of James Bond. It is located on top of the snow peak and the view that stretches from here is breathtaking and definitely causes dizziness. If you go, order a martini and buffalo burger, which is in the words of the people who visited an out of this world experience.

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