Truly inspired by East and West, AB Concept has masterfully captured the essence of Azure Qiantang, the Luxury Collection Hotel, with these two stunning restaurant designs.


Effortlessly blending French and Chinese styles, the all-day dining restaurant PANORAMA SIGNATURE, meaning Peaceful Shore, is a delectable variation of modernity and tradition.

The furniture and lighting all custom-designed by AB Concept, ensures an integrated approach to the space that is synonymous with the designers’ philosophy. Muted tones are interspersed with navy and royal blue, with accents of French chequered patterns for the seats. Eastern patterns mixed with French style windows and customised crystal wall lamps contribute to the exquisite atmosphere and the seamless link between East and West.

The theme continues in the exquisite fine details, another trademark of AB Concept’s designs. Simple French graphics are mixed with accents of blue, white and beige for displaying the beautiful carpeted floor. Curved and grooved moulding techniques accentuate the stunning ceiling, along with intricately detailed European style mirrors. The back wall of the buffet uses a variety of textured and coloured marble patterns with accents of black and grey.

A cleverly created ICE BAR using acrylic and LED lighting is a highlight feature situated on the terrace of the prime location. The bar reflects the surrounding area, creating a myriad of different patterns. Here, guests can enjoy the panoramic views of Blue Qianjiang and soak in the stunning scene flowing from the interior to the exterior.


Translated as “A Pavilion of Waves”, Lan Ting is the Chinese Restaurant that is divided into four separate zones, each area is beautifully represented by a flower from different season of the year. The space takes on an almost magical feeling with a strong sense of fluidity and cohesion in the design throughout.

Inspired by the iconic Orchid of Spring, the entrance gives customers a taste of what to expect. The recognizable purple hue of the Orchid winds up the staircase seamlessly leading to the second floor like a flower in bloom. The theme is continued in the floor pattern to highlight the continuity and flow of the design.

The main dining space stunningly features the colour of Lotus Leaf for Summer on the carpet, with the motif delicately and intricately embroidered into traditional silk thread. The screens provide diners with privacy as well as adding a touch of understated elegance and oriental glamour to the space.

Autumnal tones are presented in the private dining area using the eye-catching citrus colours of the Osmanthus flower, which is evident on the silk embroidered wallpaper and the carpet with custom-designed graphic patterns.

The stronger winter tones make their mark on the feature wall which showcases a delicate, silk embroidered Plum Blossom motif using the rich chocolate, pink colours of the flower.

AB Concept has perfectly encapsulated the design narrative throughout the hotel, respecting Hangzhou’s traditional foundation of simplicity and elegance and bringing it to life with contemporary design elements.

About AB Concept

Since launching in 1999, AB Concept has earned a reputation as the design firm of choice for the world’s leading hoteliers, luxury developers and premium restaurant operators. Led by co-founders, Ed Ng and Terence Ngan, AB Concept’s designs are underpinned by the core fundamentals of architectural precision and a bespoke approach to interior detailing.

Uniquely positioned as a luxury atelier, AB Concept comprises an international team of over 80 specialists from the fields of decorative and architectural design. AB Concept oversees every design aspect of a project, creating consistent, cohesive and wholly integrated environments. Mastering these dual disciplines, AB Concept has built a reputation for attracting a variety of clients and diverse projects.

AB Concept’s client list includes the Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Shangri-La Hotels, Rosewood, W Hotels, Waldorf Astoria and Swire Properties, while the company’s diverse projects span across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and beyond. AB Concept brings a cross-cultural overview to each project, emerging as one of the most acclaimed design studios in Asia.


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