Alfresco 64 - highest whiskey bar of the world

Alfresco 64 - najviši viski bar sveta

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a glass of whiskey with a view of the entire city?

Well, if so, then Bangkok is the perfect place to realize your dreams, because this city is now the location of the highest whiskey bar, situated on 64th level of a skyscraper at a height of 245 meters.

Alfresco 64 - Chivas Bar, part of the Lebua hotel is located in the State skyscraper and it presents a collaboration between Lebua Hotels & Resorts and Chivas Regal company. This bar will offer all connoisseurs of whiskey a specific blend, which will be available only there and nowhere else. This is not the first time that Chivas Regal created a special blend, in cooperation with its partners.

Whether you want to plot plans to conquer the world or think about the meaning of life with a glass of whiskey in your hand, you’d probably enjoy doing that in this bar, which is apparently the highest whiskey bar in the world.

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