Carbone restaurant conquers Las Vegas

Carbone restaurant, which has stirred the gourmet scene in New York, made its debut as part of the Aria resort in Las Vegas...

As the first domestic expansion outside of New York, the owners of the restaurant Carbone, Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick, presented their famous concept, which is a reflection of modern and contemporary classic Italian-American cuisine, with the best service, world-class ingredients and award-winning culinary skills in the US capital of entertainment.

Carbone restaurant got a new designer, Ken Fulk, who was given the task of creating an atmosphere that has a dose of theatricality, with pure Italian vibration. The space is transformed into a series of rooms which progressively transpose the guests in a warm or contrast setting, with vintage charm Vegas.

Blue Room - this is actually the White Lodge, which is available for private dining, opens a series of elliptical arches, to the enchanting blue environment that welcomes guests and guides them towards the space bar. This room has arched ceilings with gold-plated elements, lighting and walls consisting of tiles from the New York underground station. Retro floors reflect the design of the famous Las Vegas Sands' pool. Guests can enjoy at vintage mahogany bar with gold detailing, which is placed in front of an antique mirror that reflects classic cocktails.

Red Room - inspired by the Milan opera house, the main dining room of the restaurant exudes glamour, with its magnificent Murano crystal chandelier, which was originally created for the Ferrari showroom during the sixties. With arched detailing and custom elements of gold, semi-private rooms are decorated with red plush leather seats and backrests.

Their guests can look forward to enjoying gourmet cuisine that will play their sense of taste, while their eyesight permanently records the beauty of the environment.

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