Charlie's Chocolate Factory is real!

Ever since we saw the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we had a desire to visit this place...

Universal Studios decided to finally give us the opportunity to do so, in the form of a restaurant. As they have written in their blog, later this year they will open a restaurant Toothsome Chocolate Factory, which will delight us – it will be a steampunk chocolate factory in the style of the nineteenth century. In this restaurant you’ll be able to see high chimneys, unusual gadgets, while staff will wear uniforms in the same unique style.

The most important thing when we talk about any restaurant is of course the food. We got a chance to peek into the menu which this restaurant will offer, and we must admit that we are delighted. Here you’ll find dishes like:

  • Chocolate x5 - chocolate spiral, chocolate bits, ice cream and whipped cream.
  • Bacon Brittle - ice cream, bacon, fried bacon, chocolate covered bacon and caramelized bacon
  • Espresso Buzzzz - ice cream and coffee granules covered with chocolate
  • Red Velvet - milkshake with Red Velvet cupcake
  • Key Lime Pie - Pie which was turned into a milkshake

This chocolate factory will not only serve items from its excellent menu - they will give us a chance to see how they prepare their delicacies. Certainly one fact is guaranteed - this restaurant will be ultra-fun and interesting experience for adults who kept their imaginative in-side child.

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